Monday, March 23, 2015

My 6th Birthday

On my birthday I had a carrot cake. I loved it. The day after my birthday, Audrey and Keira came for dinner at Mexico Lindo. All of the girls ordered cheese quesadillas with rice and beans on the side. For the drink, we had ice water. After we ate, we got ready to go to drop off the girls. First we dropped off Keira, then we dropped off Audrey at her apartment. I got to see what Audrey's apartment looked like. I loved it. I wished that I could have a playdate with her at her house right now. I was jealous because Audrey is my best friend. We go to school in the same class. 
My presents were (starting out with my family and then going to my friends). I got an American Girl Doll. My second present was a treasure hunt from Caleb. I also got a dress with white dots on it. My friends birthday presents to me were a "In The Forest" puzzle, a girl scout coloring book, a pop in-and-out pen, and a headband, a doll, and two Heidi books. Every present I loved.

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  1. I am so happy that you are blogging, too. Grammy and GPa are so proud of you and we love you soooooo much.