Saturday, March 25, 2017

Happy Snow Day And March Madness

It was a bad way to start off March with tons of Snowy weather! Mean while the Chickens were to busy to even notice all the snow when they played outside! As you can see in the background if you look closely you will see Caleb in the snow and Levi chipping all of the  ice off the drive way!It must take a lot of guns to get the heavy ice off the driveway. I bet after Levi's little workout his arms were probably in pain! This week we have been enjoying March Madness (a basketball tournament ) and the only thing on TV we have been watching is that!We all filled out a bracket to have fun with March Madness!
                                                  Hopefully Spring will come soon!
                                                                Good Luck!

Happy Birthday Levi!

This year Levi turned six! I can not believe  he has grown up this fast and he is totally a growing boy! This year Levi wanted pie so we made him a mango flavored pie with his request and it was a big hit for everyone! Levi got two special surprises one was that Grammy and Grandpa were here to celebrate and he got his own carpentry kit so he could make things! Caleb had a talent show at Memorial hall and Levi loved going to watch Caleb and other very talented performers show there talent!Caleb preformed happy birthday as a surprise and the crowd sang along! Poor Levi got a little embarrassed.                              Happy Birthday Levi!

Happy 8th Birthday Adelina!

It was a total pleasure to celebrate my eighth birthday this year. I had a great time going to my first symphony and I got to hear Beethoven's Fifth with Mom and Caleb. This year I wanted Greek this year so Mom and Dad let me go to Greek Conor on Mass Ave. I wanted a ice cream cake (as usual) and the flavor I chose was peppermint with a Oreo crust with chocolate to. It was great celebrating my birthday with my family this year!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Chicago Marathon!!!

We have been talking about going to Chicago for a long time and the day finally came!!The trip fun started the day before we left with a lot of packing to do.When we got to Chicago, we started out with going to the packet pick up were there were tons of different stations that were all really cool!!It was finally  race day and Mom dressed warmly for the race.At the beginning of the race, Mom took off a few lares so she would not get hot during the race.Here is a picture of Mom at mile 13.We were all really happy to see her smiling at 3 miles 13 miles and at the end of the race as she finished!!!!!!!We were all happy to see that she beet her goal by a lot !!! Her goal was to break four hours and she was in the pace group of the time 3:55, and her time was even faster than that!! Mom had the final time of 3:53!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We were so proud of all of the hard work and training I was so proud of Mom!Yaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pennsylvania Road Trip

On july 15 at five 40 we drove away to Pennsylvania for one week!That morning I took up at one in the morning and I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't.At four in the morning I herd my alarm clock beep so I turned it off and went to see Caleb.When I got up there Caleb was just getting out of bed . We woke Dad and Levi at 5 so we could hit the road!We had a lot of fun listening to audio books playing games and activity  books and napping.We ovulisly we brought snacks to eat.We finally got to grammy and grandpas  house!On sunday we went to the church . On monday we to virginya. And we had a great trip!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Last Day Of School!

     On July 20 2016 Adelina and  Caleb finished school!Adelina finished first grade and Caleb finished third grade!We have been waiting for this day all year and we were super happy to celebrate with Grammy and Grandpa!


Monday, July 11, 2016


Caleb has been really into the outdoors these days so we signed him up for a outdoor camp program that takes hold in the fells.We have really enjoyed listening to Caleb tell all about his days at camp. Luckily it is only one week of camp because we have mist him. On Wedsesday  Caleb had came back from camp  telling us about making a fort at camp.We had packed a picnic lunch and we went down to a little place by the water and had lunch.At desert time we walked to seethe fort that Caleb made. On thursday  we biult a fort in our own woods behind the garage and it was a big hit!