Saturday, January 13, 2018

Levi and Physical Therapy!!!!

On Friday a few weeks ago, mom had PT in the morning  and we all had to go with her. She was getting dry needling and Levi was really into it. He spent it felt like more than half of the time taking pictures and videos of it ,as for  Caleb he was over on the other side of the room staying away from possible chances of blood!!! It was very interesting how they do the job , and that is probably why
 Levi was so interested . Mom has been having plantar pain since  a little while after the Chicago Marathon .  Levi was really excited about this dry needling and for once mom let Levi
 take pictures!! Surprise Surprise!!!!

One out of many photos!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were going to do the Hangover Classic like we always have done. Bummer in the summer ,it was
to cold!!!! We still had a overall good day with some football and cocktails to celebrate . We managed to get outside and run three miles in the cemetery. Here are some pictures of us!!!!!
Bundled up for our run!!
Garmin family

Merry Christmas

We all had a wonderful Christmas with lots of fun and family time. I was wishing for a new bike and a Garmin. I was very happy when I got both. Levi was wishing for some Air Jordans and got his wish as well. As for Caleb , he was dying for a bike since the early fall and was very happy to get one!! Oscar does not understand the matter of Christmas , but really enjoyed his new toy mouse and ball!!! Here are a few pictures of our morning!!!!

Looking at stockings and presents!!!!!
Caleb looking at his new map!!!!!
Levi and his Air Jordans!!!!!
Me and my Garmin!!!!!
Oscar loving his new toys!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Night Night Kitty Cat!

                               Oscar totally  had the pleasure of taking a nap under a blanket and a pillow on his head! In this picture he is currently covering his eyes with his paw. So cute right!Oscar is always getting into trouble but other than that he is a total clown!
Here's Oscar Taking A Snooze!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Chicken Update

The chickens have been growing up day by day!There birthday is in six days and we are all very excited to celebrate it!They have been laying about 5-6 eggs per day so we are all very proud of them!

Here is Adelina holding  Boss with  strong arms for Boss's weight!

Stars Over Melrose Talent Show!

It was a pleasure to have Caleb preform in the Stars over Melrose talent show this year!Caleb happily preformed the Cat And The Mouse by  Arrond Copland. It was really fun to watch him play and he had a great audience!
Caleb talking to Blue of a Kind

Basketball Levi!

Levi has really enjoyed his first basketball season and it was sad for him and us to stop watching him play every Sunday!Here is a picture of Levi and his teammates enjoying the basketball pictures!

                                                  Levi's teammates  in the picture are:Liam,Oliver,andRowen.We have been trying our hardest to get Levi to pass the ball to one of his teammates rather than being a ball hog and not passing the ball!At the end of the season the team each got a medal and a basketball key chain!